Break time!




I have made no secret of the fact that I am struggling with Infinite Jest. Even though we are 600 pages through and (in theory) we are closing in on the end, it feels like a very long road ahead. I am actually not enjoying reading right now, which is unusual for me. This is supposed to be a fun project, not a punishment.



This is an actual picture of me trying to read Infinite Jest:

bulldog wearing eyeglasses sleeping over a good novel

Ok, you got me, it’s not really.

One of the things I enjoy the most during the summer is sitting on my balcony in the mornings with a coffee (or in the evenings with a gin and tonic) and reading. I could not fathom enjoying that while reading Infinite Jest. So I suggested to BJ that we put a pause on the book for a few weeks and then get back to it. I can get some easy summer reading in and hopefully come back to the book with a renewed vigor.

I do feel a bit like this is taking a year off after high school and ‘promising’ to go to University when I get back (no, I didn’t do that). However, I am invested in this book and I really do want to finish it. I don’t have to like it, I just want to get this:


I have to say, I am thoroughly enjoying my light summer read phase – I actually finished two books this past weekend – and I feel as if I have my reading mojo back.

We will see you back here after the 4th of July!


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