Finding humour


I was doing some google research to try and figure out what connection that DFW has to Canada. There are about 1,000 references to Canada in the book. The most recent is one of the characters was the architect of the Sky Dome.  (#random!!)

While I was entering the rabbit hole of the internet, unfortunately I didn’t get to the bottom of the Canada connection, but I found this:


Some dude made up an entire website that shows scenes from Infinite Jest in lego.  I can hate on the book, but I actually love this site.

And as luck would have it, BJ brought this Strand tweet to my attention:

FullSizeRender (1)

Which I actually LOL’d at. (I also retweeted with the comment Truth!) We both thought it was pretty sassy for the Strand to tweet it. Turns out they had an author take over their Twitter feed. Hilarity ensued.

And, you can always count on the Onion. The article:

Girlfriend Stops Reading David Foster Wallace Breakup Letter At Page 20

starts with the line:

Claire Thompson, author David Foster Wallace’s girlfriend of two years, stopped reading his 67-page breakup letter at page 20, she admitted Monday.


I will say that people making fun of the book does make me feel a bit better. However we are 600 pages through the book and it feels a little like this:



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