It’s a struggle


I knew that this book was going to be a bit of a grind. I wasn’t wrong. It is, and I quote here the New York Times review of the book “alternately tedious and effulgent“. That is a 100% accurate portrayal of the book.

I decided to set a daily reading goal to keep myself on pace – we are trying to get through 100 pages a week. I diligently read my 15 pages a day and thought I was golden – page 298! The promised land. Then I was speaking to BJ about something and he mentioned (#spoileralert) about the scene where the father kills himself via the microwave. I was like wait, what? I don’t remember that part. So it turns out – and this probably does not matter in any other scenario – that the Kindle version and the Kobo version of the book (same edition) are paginated differently. It turns out I was over 100 pages BEHIND! Sigh…

I can’t decide if there is too much going on in the book, or actually nothing, which is causing the problem. There are a lot of words, that’s for sure. And much of the time they are crafted in beautiful sentences. I will again refer to the NYT review – “…his momentum tends to be sideways rather than forward”. You read and read, and don’t feel like you are getting anywhere. It’s the literary equivalent of a treadmill.

I wish I had something witty or smart to say about the book. I don’t. On to the next 100 pages…


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